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Our History

“Tame, Línea Aérea del Ecuador” was founded in 1962. The reason why this company was created is linked to the need to integrate Ecuadorian territory and promote commercial, social, tourist and cultural development.
 Its commercial growth was gradual and sustained. Throughout these 50 years, the company expanded its routes and changed its aircraft. Currently, TAME EP links sixteen destinations inside country and eight abroad. Around 5,800 passengers per day are transported on our aircraft, on domestic and international routes.
 Incorporation of aircraft with latest technology and greater capacity has enabled to expand service and consolidate company in commercial aviation market. Additionally, “Tame Amazonia” social project has connected 68 airstrips from Ecuadorian east with the rest of country and world. TAME EP aircraft includes 20 airplanes: 10 Airbus (A330, A320, A319), 4 Embraer 190, 3 ATR 42-500 and 3 Kodiak.
 During 2013, TAME EP transported 1,860,758 passengers on domestic routes and 273,928 on international routes. During the same year, the airline carried a total of 30,952 flights.