TAME EP announces that as of February 1, 2019 it will temporarily suspend its UIO-JFK-UIO route, according to authorization expressed by means of Resolution Not. 05/2018 of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which it indicates:


ARTICLE 1. - Authorizes the Public Company TAME Airline of Ecuador “TAME EP”, the partial suspension of part of the Quito and/or Guayaquil - New York route and vice versa, up to seven (7) weekly frequencies. With rights of third and fourth freedoms of the air, for a period of (1) one year beginning on 01 February 2019, that consists in the Permission of Operation for the presentation of the service of air transport public, international, regular, passengers, cargo and mail, in combined form, partially renewed and amended by the National Council of Civil Aviation, with agreements numbers 023/2015 of 13 July 2015 and 17/2018 of 05 July 2018


The Directorate of Inspection and Aeronautical certification of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, has the obligation to control that at the end of the term, the Public Company "TAME EP", reactivate the operation of the route, frequencies and rights suspended from its Permission of Operation and report of the particular to the National Council of Civil Aviation, for the pertinent purposes.

ARTICULO 2. - The fulfillment of this resolution will be charged to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, through the respective institutional processes


2019 is a year of operational transition and implementation of a new business model for the national company, which, within its action plan, aims to strengthen the domestic market and reduce the internal operation, flying in routes that allow to generate Financial and social profitability. In this context, the UIO-JFK route is temporarily suspended for two main reasons:


  1. Termination of the Airbus 330 aircraft leasing Contract: It will enter a structural maintenance in February and March, in order to return it early, taking into account that the lease ends in July 2019. TAME in its optimization model aims to renew and approve its fleet and, in future, to retake suspended routes with more modern aircraft, with a better product and better quality of service for its passengers
  2. The route has not generated profitability for the airline. It was opened without the appropriate technical studies without considering an additional plane of support that would have allowed to solve operational problems and to properly protect our users. More than 40 million dollars are the accumulation of losses of an operation that has been observed by the General Comptroller of the State and has generated glosses for the servers that opened at the time

The current administration of TAME, aligned with the government policies of optimization of resources and proper management of the public companies, makes this decision in a responsible manner for the benefit of the Ecuadorian company. The suspension of the route represents the decrease of variable, fixed and indirect costs that will be reflected in the reduction of operational loss and in turn allow to strengthen the operation in the domestic market