The following information is very useful for transportation of baggage when travelling. 


“Baggage” refers to items and personal belongings of passengers, which are required and appropriate for use, comfort and convenience while travelling.

TAME does not accept as baggage crates or boxes containing items non-specified in the above definition, such as: books, publicity material, food, vaccines, tires, batteries, pictures with glass, food, vaccines, coolers, printers, TV, etc.; there is a cargo area for transportation of this type of goods.

Baggage Allowance

This is the quantity of baggage a passenger may carry without charge. It is expressed in extra piece, kilograms and/or dimensions.

Between United States and South America

maleta equipaje

maleta equipaje

2 pieces, 23kg (50lb) each*

(high + long + width)
158 Centimeters (62 inch)
Domestic Flights
Quito / Guayaquil / Cuenca / Manta / Esmeraldas / Santa Rosa / Coca / Loja / Lago Agrio /

maleta equipaje

1 pieces, 23 kg (50lb) **

Galápagos Islands
Baltra / San Cristóbal
Between Ecuador and Cali


*   The third piece is considered excess baggage.
** The second and third piece is considered excess baggage.

  • Children over two years maintain the same baggage allowance as adults.
  • Children under 2 years (infants) have right to baggage allowance 1 piece of 23 kg (50lb) from or through USA, for the rest of Routes 1 piece of 15 kg (33lb).

EXCESS BAGGAGE: This refers to extra pieces, kilograms and dimensions in excess of baggage allowance. An additional charge shall be paid for transportation of excess baggage. The extra baggage that a passenger can carry is subject to restrictions and space availability.



Quito / Guayaquil / Cuenca / Manta / Esmeraldas / Santa Rosa / Coca / Loja / Lago Agrio

Extra piece (23kg – 62”) $20.00
Extra weight (part of baggage allowance) 23kg–32kg: $10.00
Extradimensions (part of baggage allowance) until 90”: $10.00
until 114”: $20.00
Sports equipment Part of baggage allowance (23kg-62”)
Extra piece (23kg – 62”) $70.00 
Extra weight (part of baggage allowance) 23kg–32kg:$50.00
Extradimensions (part of baggage allowance) until 90”: $50.00
until 114”: $70.00
Sport equipment* $50.00
Extra piece (23kg – 62”) $150.00
Extra weight (part of baggage allowance) 23kg–32kg: $75.00

Extradimensions (part of baggage allowance)

until 90”: $75.00
until 114”: $150.00


*NOTE: sport equipment to GPS is subject to charge anytime

**NOTE: any article that exceed the 45kg and/or 114” must be transported by cargo.

  • Tame accepts only until 3 extra pieces in total per passenger. (2 extra pieces in domestic flights and 1 extra piece on international flights).
  • Exempting the oversize of the infants cars and assistance devices for disable passengers.
  • The maximum oversize be (150cm high + 65cm long + 75cm wide) 290cm total linear.

Hand Luggage

equipaje de mano

“Hand Luggage” is defined as personal belongings free of charge, to be transported under the custody of the passenger inside the cabin.
You must be able to lift your cabin bag into the overhead locker by yourself.

maleta equipaje

1 piece of 8 kg (17lb) 55cm high, 35cm wide and 25 depth

1 personal item

Portfolio, Bag, Notebook, Camera, baby bag

The hand luggage shall be also considered the following:
• A Duty Free bag
• A reasonable quantity of reading material for travel
• Small binoculars
• Funeral urns (discreetly packaged).

It is recommended to carry in the hand luggage high-value articles, documents, money, jewels, fragile items and electronic objects. TAME shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay of fragile and/or high-value objects, either commercial or personal.

Recommendations for Baggage Checking

• Before baggage checking in TAME counter at the Airport, it is important to remove all the labels of previous flights, in order to avoid data confusion.

• The baggage must be identified with the passenger’s name, address, city, country and permanent telephone number.

• Any belt or hanging object of the baggage must be removed, for these may get caught by the transporting bands and get damaged.

• The baggage should be verified for proper lock and security.  In case of not having a padlock, a plastic padlock may be provided in the counter.

Recommendations for Baggage Retrieval

• At the Destination Airport, baggage must be retrieved verifying that its labels match with the tickets provided in the counter for baggage checking.

• For personal security, it is not recommended to accept, leave to, or transport the baggage with an unknown person.

• If the baggage is not found at the Destination Airport, this should be notified to the Airline personnel BEFORE leaving the Airport Arrival area.

• If the baggage evidences any type of damage, this should be notified immediately to the Airline personnel BEFORE leaving the Airport Arrival area.

Charged Baggage

The Charged Baggage is transported under the custody and responsibility of the Airline. The Airline’s liability starts when the baggage is checked and labeled in the counter, and ends upon delivery to the passengers at the Destination Airport. Each passenger is responsible for obtaining the respective claim tickets from the Counter Agent, for each labeled baggage delivered to the Airline. The passengers are also responsible for not losing the tickets, which is the unique delivery receipt for each baggage.

 • For domestic flights, baggage invoicing must be performed until the final destination of the passenger, to the extent that the reserve is confirmed for all the flight stops, and the boarding pass of the whole route is delivered to the passenger. 

 • The charged baggage shall be under the custody of the Security Personnel of the Airline and duly identified with the flight CONNECTION labels.

 • For international flights, invoicing shall be until the first International Arrival Airport, where the passenger shall perform the corresponding migratory and customs procedures.

Delayed Baggage

TAME is aware of the importance of delivering baggage on time.

If it is delayed or damaged, the Airline personnel shall provide assistance and explain the procedures to be taken for immediate solution of this situation. Also, a local telephone number shall be provided for obtaining information of the delayed baggage. The passenger may be also compensated, depending on the case, and accordingly with TAME policies.

TAME guarantees the best attention and immediate solution for baggage claims.

Baggage with airline partners

If your flight has a section with a partner airline, IATA regulations for baggage allowance applies.
This regulationindicates the following:

  • If baggage allowances for both operators are the same, this rule applies.
  • If baggage allowances are different, the most important airlinepolicy applies (Most Significant Carrier). The most important airlineis defined by the IATA.

To understand who the most relevant operator is, IATA divided air traffic into three areas:

  • Area 1: North America, South America, Central America and Hawaii.
  • Area 2: Europe, Africa, Middle East.
  • Area 3: Asia and Oceania

The most important airline will depend on the intersections which airlines made in the following order:

  1. First operator who cross from one area to another. Example: the operator who cross from America to Europe.
  2. First operator who cross from one sub-area to another.  Example: the operator who cross from South Americato North America.
  3. When traveling within a sub-area governs the first international operator of that area.Example: a flight from Ecuador to Brazil applies the first international operator.

Air Traffic Division, according to IATA

img equipaje aero socias


  • When the origin, destination or farthest point of a ticket is a place of USA, baggage allowance of the first flight will apply to the entire route, no matter if the ticket has a stop (stopover).
  • In case of code share flights that include a point in USA, the most relevant operator will be the airline that sold the ticket.

Baggage Liability

Reimbursement for expenses will be based upon provable direct or consequential damages. Contact the Lost & Found Department for more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For travel to United States, TAME E.P.´s liability for any form of damage as a result of loss, damage or delay in delivery of a passenger's personal property shall limit to the fair value at the time of loss, damage or delay and will not exceed $3,500.00 USD for each passenger, except for wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

For international travel to which the Warsaw Convention applies, TAME E.P.'s liability is limited to approximately $20.00 USD per kilo up to $460.00 USD per bag for checked baggage.

For international travel to which the Montreal Convention, TAME E.P.´s liability is limited to 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per passenger for checked baggage.

Avoid packing high-value, fragile or perishable items in your checked baggage. For domestic travel, TAME EP is not liable for loss, damage or delay in delivery of high-value, fragile or perishable items. See the following detailed listings:

  • Incorrectly packed items
  • Antiques, artifacts, heirlooms, collectibles, religious items and artifacts
  • Antlers
  • Backpacks or garment bags not designed for travel, sleeping bags and knapsacks, vinyl or other easily torn material with aluminum frames, outside pockets or with protruding straps and buckles.
  • CDs, DVDs and MP3s
  • Chinaware, glass, ceramics and pottery
  • Computer hardware/software and electronic components/equipment
  • Items in sacks or paper/plastic bags that do not have sufficient durability, without any sufficient protection to the contents
  • Items that otherwise would be suitable for transportation without the cardboard box (e.g., bicycle, garment bag)
  • Electronic and mechanical items, including cell phones, electronic games, and other related items
  • Eyeglasses, binoculars, prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses and all other devices
  • Flowers and plants
  • Irreplaceable ítems, included in the passenger's checked or carry-on baggage with or without the knowledge of the airline.
  • Items made of paper (e.g., advertising displays, blueprints, maps, manuscripts, business/personal documents, historical documents, photos, books, negotiable papers, securities, etc.)
  • Jewelry, Money, Watches (timepieces)
  • Keys
  • Liquids, perfumes, alcohol/liquor and Zamzam water
  • Medicines and medical equipment (when not used as assistive devices pursuant to 14 CFR 382.3)
  • Musical instruments
  • Natural fruit products
  • Perishable items such as food (e.g., fruits and vegetables, dry ice, tobacco)
  • Photographic/cinematographic/audio/video equipment, cameras and related items
  • Precious metals or stone
  • Tools, battery powered hand tools, tool boxes/containers, automotive towbars
  • Totally unprotected items such as tennis racquets and umbrellas, either individually checked or tied/strapped to the outside of bags
  • Silverware, knives and swords
  • Works of art such as paintings or sculptures

In the course of normal handling, your baggage may show evidence of use. TAME E.P. is never liable for destruction, loss or damage that results from an inherent defect, quality or vice of the baggage; also is not liable for loss, delays and/or damage that results from a security inspection of any local or federal Entity.
For domestic travel, TAME E.P. is not liable for conditions that result from normal wear and tear such as:

  • Minor cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents and soil
  • Damage to wheels, feet, extending handles and items of fragile or perishable items
  • Damage as a result of overweight bags
  • Loss of external locks, pull straps, security straps, or zipper tabs
  • Manufacturer’s defects or ítems not desined for travel

Pets Transportation

  • The airline will transport inside the cabin two animals on flights with equipment A330, A320, A319 and E90; and one on the flight ATR42.
  • Only dogs and cats older than 8 weeks old will embark. To travel to the United States, regulations require that animals are at least 4 months or older. Other animal species may only be transported by Tame Cargo.    
  • The service fee is $ 75 plus taxes for certain international destinations. For domestic destinations the value will be $ 20 plus tax.
  • The service fee will be collected/charged during the Tame check-in counter. Animal containers can not exceed 58cm long x 40cm wide and 23cm deep. Containers must be an approved model or allow complete closure without preventing the animal from breathing. No bags or containers that do not have ventilation will be accepted. The pet must fit comfortably in the container, without touching the edges or stand on the sides of the cage, it must be able to move inside.
  • The total weight of the container and the animal may not exceed 7 kg.

Remember that this service must be requested at least 48 hours before the trip and it is only available for flights operated by Tame. Does not apply to connections with other airlines , or interline agreements.

IMPORTANT : It is essential to carry the certificate from a veterinarian, issued 10 days before the flight, confirming that the pet has the physical conditions to travel. In other countries, health authorities could request specific documentation such as medical records or vaccination certificates, that is why we suggest you to carry this documentation.

Emotional Support Animals :

The transportation of animals in the cabin as emotional support or assistance / guide dogs for people with disabilities has no cost. It is allowed only one animal, dog or cat only, per passenger depending on the space available on each aircraft.

Conditions of the service:

  • The animal must be trained to behave properly in spaces like the airplane cabin during the course of the flight. You must use a muzzle strap and leash at all times.
  • Must be submitted to the agent in the counter, a certificate issued by a qualified mental health or licensed doctor, whose emission does not exceed 90 days
  • The passenger needs the animal as emotional or psychiatric support for air travel or for activities at his destination.
  • The passenger is under the care of the professional who signs the certificate.
  • Animals as checked baggage
  • Tame EP does not transport animals as checked baggage . Animals can only be transported as cargo.
  • For details contact the Tame Cargo  at 593-2-396-6300 ext. 20760 or 20971 .
  • To learn about regulations of the International Air Transport Association enter here:

Transportation of restricted items

This refers to transportation of miscellaneous items and security withholdings, which may or not be considered baggage, load or mail.  Also, items allowed or not by the aeronautical authority, which are considered within the National Air Security Program.


  • Medicines: Medicines for administration while traveling.

    • The passengers must provide the medical prescriptions and invoices that justify medicine administration or use while traveling.

    • Medicines may be carried separately; a transparent bag is not required.

    • The Airport Security Personnel shall verify if the medicine name on the label corresponds to the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

    • For over-the-counter medicine, a reasonable quantity must be carried, including the required dose for the travel.

  • Baby food: When an infant travels as passenger, baby food shall be presented separately (transparent bag is not required).

  • Special food:  Food required by passengers during the flight due to special needs; for example, intolerance to lactose or gluten.

  • Special items: Items used for medical purposes, without being specifically medicines.

Items Withheld by Security:

The following items are prohibited in the aircraft cabin and in the restricted security zone:

  • Firearms, lightweight firearms and other missile weapons:

    • All types of firearms

    • Guns

    • Pistols or handguns

    • Rifles

    • Shotguns

    • Toy guns

    • Replica and imitation firearms which may be perceived as a real firearms.

    • Parts of firearms

    • Air weapons

    • Archery

    • Crossbows, etc.

  •  Items that may cause or are specifically designed to cause a dazed state o immobilization:

    • Electric defense arms

    • Elecric cane

    • Hitter machines for stunning or killing animals

    • Chemical immobilization or disabling substances

    • Mace gases and aerosols

    • Pepper and hot dried pepper

    • Tear gas

    • Acid aerosols

    • Repellents for animals

Items prohibited in the hand luggage and allowed in the checked and charged baggage:

  • Pointed objects with sharp edges or blades:

    •   Spicing items

    •   Chopping items

    •   Axes

    •   Hatchets

    •   Cutters

    •   Ice axes and hooks

    •   Multi-purpose pocket knives

    •   Multi-purpose knives

    •   Knives with blade over 6 cm.

    •   Scissors with sharp points and blades over 6 cm, measured from the handle

    •   Martial arts items with sharp edges

    •   Swords, blades and sabres

    •   Sword canes

    •   Scalpels

    •   Stilettos, etc.

  • Work Tools:  Tools which may cause serious lesions or threaten the aircraft’s operation security, must be properly packaged.

    • Iron crowbars

    • Drills and drill bits

    • Portable power drills

    • Tools with a blade or a shaft of more than 6 cm. 

    • Screwdrivers

    • Chisels

    • Ice picks

    • Saws

    • Blowtorches

    • Screw tightening torque

    • Pneumatic spray gun

    • Garden scissors

    • Tool kits

    • Medical equipment and dental kits

    • Hammers

    • Combos

  • Blunt Instruments: Objects capable of being used to cause serious injury when used to hit, including:

    • Baseball bats

    • Softball bats

    • Clubs and batons, such as billy clubs and blackjacks

    • Martial arts equipment

Prohibited in the charged baggage and hand luggage:

  • Explosives, flammable substances and devices

Explosives or flammable substance or devices capable of being used  to cause serious injuries or threaten the aircraft’s operations security:

  • Ammunitions

  • Blasting caps

  • Detonators

  • Fuses

  • Replica or imitation explosive devices

  • Mines

  • Grenades

  • Explosive military stores

  • Pyrotechnic materials

  • Fireworks

  • Cartridges

  • Dinamite

  • Powder

  • Plastic explosives

  • Flares

  • Gasoline and flammable fuels

  • Flammable paints and solvents

  • Oxygen (compressed or liquid)

  • Pressurized scuba tanks

Liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs):  These include, but are not limited to:

Note: For International flights all liquids, aerosols, creams and gels must be included inside a Ziploc bag until 100 ml or 3,4 oz. The total cannot overcome of 1 liter in total.

  • Water

  • Stew

  • Food with high liquid concentration

  • Soups

  • Jams

  • Sauces

  • Creams

  • Lotions

  • Oils

  • Perfumes

  • Aerosols

  • Cosmetics

  • Hair and shower gels

  • Shaving cream

  • Deodorants

  • Toothpaste

Prohibited Items: 

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to transport the following items in the aircraft hold:

  • Blasting caps

  • Detonators

  • Fuses

  • Mines

  • Grenades

  • Military explosive items

  • Pyrotechnic materials

  • Cartridges

  • Dinamite

  • Powder

  • Plastic explosives

Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers

cigarrillo electronico2Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers will not be accepted in checked or gate-checked baggage.

These items may be stowed in carry-on baggage or on your person during travel, however, the use and charging of e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers is forbidden onboard in all TAME EP flights.

Special Baggage

  • With items such as musical instruments, sporting goods and items such as assistance in the mobility of adults and infants.
  • Accepted as checked baggage within the allowed franchise; if the weight is exceeded, you must cancel the corresponding charges for excess baggage.
  • It must be packed in a rigid box or original packaging, so that the stow or packaging is resistant and protects the article from bumps, dents, tears or any damage that may be caused by the handling and transportation of the item.
  • Packed items will not be send only in liners, even if it is their original packaging.
  • All checked musical instrument, transported under limited responsibility conditions only.


The transportation of Musical Instruments carried out in its proper packaging within the allowed baggage allowance of each passenger.

As carry-on luggage, you can bring with you on board the plane:

  • Small instruments such as musical instruments being this: Flutes, violins, etc.; as long as they go inside their corresponding case and in passenger custody.
  • The passenger may bring on board, a guitar as his personal item, additional of their 8 kilos hand luggage ; provided that once the boarding is finished there is room in the plane passenger´s cabin otherwise your item will be sent to the warehouse.


  • Sporting goods packed in a rigid box or its original packaging in such a way that its packaging would be resistant and protects the item from bumps, dents, tears or any damage that may be caused by the handling and transportation of this item.
  • Packed items will not be send only in liners, even if it is their original box.
  • All invoiced items transported under limited responsibility conditions only.

The following sporting goods are considered within the allowed baggage allowance:

  • Bicycles: Duly packed in a box or properly packaged, with flat tires and the pedals completely covered. Racing bicycles and touring bikes and with one seat only.
  • Golf Equipment: one bag, from one to 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and 1 pair of golf shoes, in their respective bag.
  • Diving Equipment: one air tank (empty of oxygen), one air regulator, one pair rubber fins, one air fishing gun, one diving mask, one wet suit and one weight belt, all together not exceeding 20 kg.
  • Bowling Equipment: one pair of shoes, one ball and one case.
  • Fishing Equipment: two fishing rods, one fishing reel, one fishing net, one pair of boots and one fishing tackle box.
  • Ski Equipment: one pair of water or snow skis, one pair of snowshoes, one pair of ski boots, one pair of skis and poles, one mask with a breathing tube, ski snowboard/wakeboard.
  • Surfing Equipment: Maximum two surfboards per passenger, packed inside the same case. Transportation accordingly with the equipment to be operated. Surfboards properly packaged.
  • Wind Surf Equipment: one windsurf board not exceeding 115 inches of length, one mast, one sail and one kit for equipment assembly.
  • Camping Equipment: one camping tent, backpacks, sleeping bags and camping items.
  • Bow and Arrow: one bow, arrows, one accidents protection kit.
  • Tennis Equipment: Tennis racquets and balls in their respective case.
  • Body board
  • Firearms and Sporting Arms: Correctly packaged and in their own containers.
  • Canoes: TAME shall not accept canoes, boats, kayak or Jet Ski as baggage.
  • Parachute and Gliders: Parachutes must have the regulatory dimensions and weight for transportation. Gliders not allowed due to their dimensions.
  • Knives and Scissors: Knives, pocketknives, blades and scissors cannot go in the hand luggage.
  • Balls: These may be carried on board or checked, without the need of completely deflated.

One sports equipment allowed per passenger. If these items exceed the baggage allowance, the corresponding rates are charged.

ITEMS FOR INFANTS (baby carriage)

  • Baby carriage taken to the boarding gate, registered for transport in the warehouse once at the plane´s gate.
  • Alternatively, accepted at the check-in counter and registered directly.
  • It is free of baggage charges, as long as traveling with the infant and comply with the allowed franchise.
  • The baby carriage not transported on board.


  • A wheelchair permitted in addition to the allowed franchise on the flight.
  • Wheelchairs taken to the boarding gate, registered for transport in the warehouse once at the plane´s gate.
  • Alternatively, accepted at the check-in counter and registered directly.
  • It is free of baggage charges, as long as the chair is for the passenger´s personal use.