Tame Cargo understands your needs trying each shipment carefully to ensure optimal arrival at the final destination. This service is provided for the transportation of corpses or cremated human remains. They are considered special charge and will only be accepted for transport on the basis of confirmed space from origin to final destination. Acceptance of them shall be subject to confirmation and booking of space by the airline.

Key features of the service:

  • Highest priority boarding our flights
  • We guarantee shipment on our flights
  • Storage in confined areas within our wineries

These are some of the documents that may be required for transport, likewise we recommend checking with local authorities in the country of shipment for any other documentation required:

  • International transit permit of corpse, issued by the health authority where the death occurred
  • Embalming certificate
  • Death certificate issued by the competent authority of the country where the death occurred
  • Copy of passport of the deceased and the familiar or guardian who request the procedure
  • Additionally, you should verify that the type of packaging used allow safe handling of shipment. The type of packaging varies depending on whether the human remains are cremated or not.
  • Human remains cremated: They must be adequately sealed in funeral urns. The inner urn must be protected with outer packaging to avoid damage during transportation.
  • Human remains not cremated: There are two types of packaging allowed:
  • Zeigler Unit: human remains should be placed inside a hermetically sealed box with a reinforced outer packaging made of cardboard or wood to provide more protection.
  • Coffins: they must be reinforced with an outer packaging using a cardboard or hardboard.
  • Exhumed human remains: they should be packed as human remains not cremated.
  • At the time of human remains delivery to the Airline, you must submit two sets of copies of the above documents.