Terms & Conditions
TAME Miles Program

1.1    Participation in the TAME MILES program is subject to the terms and conditions established here, which may change, periodically, with the discretion of TAME EP (Empresa Pública). Any change in the terms and conditions will be mandatory observed for members within 30 days of notification, by any means. This includes the right to modify the Member Benefits Guide, the table of redemption and/or accumulation of miles, the system of awarding prizes and participation of other organizations in the program.
1.2    TAME MILES reserves the right to terminate the program at any time with or without prior notification, leaving the member's accumulated miles nulled and with no effect. In any case, we'll communicate with prudent anticipation the conclusion of the program to members, so they can use the accumulated miles.
1.3    TAME MILES will not be liable under any circumstances for loss or damage, changes or modifications that may result from the conclusion of the program.
1.4    All awards and/or benefits are subject to change and availability, being the sole responsibility of the member to request the corresponding valid reservation and fulfill all the other steps necessary for the enjoyment of them.
1.5    Some of the awards, benefits and opportunities to earn miles are or may be provided by organizations with which TAME has agreements but over which it has no control or responsibility for any damage caused.
1.6    TAME will try to ensure that the Awards and Benefits offered to members as available, be in fact, available.
1.7    TAME MILES is not responsible for errors or omissions that, despite all the precautions taken, could appear in the information relating to any part of the TAME MILES program. Nor its responsible for the delay, loss, or mistaken delivery of mail addressed to the member.
1.8    All written communication from the members addressed to the TAME MILES program must have their signature and membership number.
1.9    TAME MILES is solely responsible for the interpretation and application of the present terms and conditions.
1.10    These terms and conditions, are subject to change without notice, keeping an updated electronic version in www.tamemillas.com.ec
1.11    These terms and conditions, are ruled by the laws of the Republic of Ecuador and any difficulty, dispute or litigation that happens from its application, fulfillment, interpretation or validity, will be resolved before its Ordinary Courts of Justice and/or or the competent mediation bodies.
2.1    Members from the TAME MILES Program are, citizens who meet the requirements of the program, who complete the membership registration form and that its capacity as such hasn't been canceled or nullified in accordance with the rules of these regulations.

2.2    The member must register in the TAME MILES Program, through the membership form found on the website www.tamemillas.com.ec
2.3    The veracity of the registered data in the membership form is the member's exclusive responsibility
2.4    The member's mailing address cannot be a PO box, nor any other that does not have coverage from the post office, TAME MILES will not be liable for the non-delivery of the correspondence in those directions.
2.5    If there is any data changes, they must be notified via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2.6    Once the membership application is completed, TAME MILES provides a virtual card with a membership number. In case that the card doesn't display correctly, the applicant must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the number 593-2-3966300 (ext. 20761), to learn the outcome of their application.
2.7    By filling out the membership form and accept the terms and conditions, the member agrees to receive in their email address, the program information and other communications that TAME EP sends periodically, whether is related or not with the TAME MILES Program.
2.8    The flights made before the applicant of the membership is accepted as a member, doesn't accrue mileage.
2.9    TAME MILES membership is personal and is not transferable, being able to remove from the program the member that makes improper use or disagree with the established terms and conditions, with the cancellation of accumulated miles to date, without prejudice to pertinent legal actions.’
2.10    Only one account per member is allowed. If there are two or more accounts, the member decides which account will remain active and which one will be canceled. Considering that the transfer of miles between accounts is not allowed, the miles balance of the canceled accounts, in the case they exist, will lose validity.
2.11    The sale, assignment or transfer of miles is prohibited, by any means or channel, including the Internet. The transfer of miles between accounts from the TAME MILES Program are not allowed
2.12    The member agrees to be responsible for the payment of any taxes, fees, services charges or other, to be made to any person, natural or juridical, public or private, due to the accumulation or use of the miles or as a consequence from its admission to the TAME MILES Program, or the use of any prize or benefit from the same program.
2.13    TAME EP will freely determine the frequency and form of submission of benefits information to its members; as well as other communications through physical media (such as public or private mail), or electronics (such as e-mail account or others)
2.14    In addition to accepting the terms and conditions of the Program, the member agrees that TAME EP can dispose of the registered data in the membership form, for the benefit of the TAME MILES Program or other programs from TAME EP. Being this a condition for the participation in the program, the fact that mileage accrual is made in accordance with the terms and conditions of this program and in full compliance of the applicable regulations
3.1    TAME MILES Program currently has two categories:
-    TAME MILES Member
-    TAME MILES VIP Member
3.2    TAME MILES is free to establish in the future a different category for each client, depending on the terms and conditions specified by the program.

4.1    According to the amount of miles accumulated in the member's account, it could be redeemed for award tickets, allowing the member to assign it to another person.
4.2    For VIP members affiliated to the TAME MILES Program, the percentage of miles required for tickets redemption is less.
4.3    TAME MILES, have the freedom to establish and/or remove in the future different benefits for each member's category.

5.1    TAME EP gives a membership number, which is the personal identification in the TAME MILES Program, reason why physical cards for the members are not issued.
5.2    TAME EP has the freedom to issue physical cards according to the categories filed appropriately.

6.    MILES
6.1    The miles are subject to the following terms:
6.2    They have no commercial value, are not negotiable or redeemable for cash or any other property.
6.3    They are not transferable between TAME MILES accounts.
6.4     They are not hereditary, in the event of the death of the holder, the account and the accumulated miles will be canceled.
6.5    They are not subject to legal dispute or any judicial measure and only belong to the holder member of the account, as a personal right.
6.6    The awards redeemed by the member are non-refundable and non-endorsable.

7.1    For the accumulation of miles, it is essential that the member is affiliated to TAME MILES, because it begins to accumulate miles from the date of enrollment to the program.
7.2    To earn miles you can do it, by identifying with the TAME MILES membership number at the time of:
-    Make the check-in at the airport counter.
-    Through the web page www.tamemillas.com.ec, in the mileage accrual option, it is important to do this at least four (4) days after completing the flight.
-    In TAME own points of sale nationwide.
7.3    In no case is permitted to accredit the miles in more than one account.
7.4    Miles are going to be accounted on the member's account once the trip was made, which is why you don't accumulate miles for unpaid tickets or purchased tickets but not flown.
7.5    The member must maintain and deliver, if required, documents certifying the flight taken (ticket and/or boarding pass).
7.6    In no case is allowed to accumulate miles after 6 (six) months from the flight or act that generated them.
7.7    The mileage accrual will be effective in the system seventy two (72) hours after the flight was completed, if the ticket was purchased in TAME EP, if the ticket was purchased in travel agencies, the accumulation will be effective after the eight (8) days the flight was completed.
7.8    The accumulated miles correspond to the established in the current mileage accrual chart.
7.9    The accumulated miles by TAME EP flights are valid for eighteen (18) straight months, from the date of the last mileage accrual on the account. However the miles will expire on the last day of the month that corresponds to the expiration.
7.10    All miles listed in the statement are redeemable for tickets on the routes operated by the airline.
7.11    Is not responsibility of TAME MILES to inform the expiration date of the miles from the member's accounts.
7.12    Tickets redeemed with miles from the TAME MILES Program do not accrue mileage. Neither does the awards and/or benefits issued with reduced fares from the tourism industry, charter flights, tickets for airline employees, government discounts, free tickets, tickets with fares that do not apply for accumulation, the ones that are outside the chart of accumulation by family fare and by route published on the website: www.tamemillas.com.ec. The exclusion of other types of tickets is at the sole exclusive discretion of TAME MILES, which will be timely and adequately informed to members.
7.13    It will be the sole responsibility of the member to verify that the miles corresponding to their flights on TAME EP are properly credited in their account. For this, the member must keep al the flight documents (boarding passes, tickets) as well as the originals of invoices or contracts, in order to claim a retroactive mileage credit.
7.14    TAME MILES reserves the right to audit the member's account at any time and without notice, in order to ensure the compliance of these terms and conditions. TAME MILES may deduct the miles credited improperly to a member, as well as delay the delivery of certificates or prizes while any discrepancy is resolved, having to inform the member about it.
7.15    In the case that the prizes and/or benefits that enable the accumulation of miles can be acquired on credit, or that its payment is deferred in time, the member may redeem a prize and/or benefit using the corresponding miles from the acquired ticket or any other, only as long as the respective tickets are being paid in the manner and time that was agreed, when buying the prize and/or benefit.
7.16    It will be the sole responsibility of the member to comply with the law and regulation that could be applicable for purposes of participation in the TAME MILES Program and the accumulation of miles, especially, for those members that have the status of government officials.

8.1    To request an award ticket and/or benefit, you must have a valid member number and the number of miles required for the requested redeem
8.2    The number of miles required to access an award ticket, and/or benefit its indicated in the exchange chart valid on the date on which the application is submitted.
8.3    The miles required to charge and award ticket and/or benefit vary depending on the route.
8.4    For each type of ticket award and/or benefit there is a limited availability of seats.
8.5    To request a ticket award and/or benefit, you must go to the TAME EP Offices, with a document certifying the identity of the member, in case of not being the account holder any person can do it by submitting a written authorization granted by the member, indicating the member's full name, account number and/or ID number and determination of the route requested. It must also be attached, a simple photocopy of a document proving the identity of the member (ID).
8.6    If the ticket is given to an unaccompanied minor (8 to 12 years) the value of USD 44.80 including taxes for national route each way, USD 100.00 including taxes from/to South and Central America each way and USD 150.00 including taxes to/from the United States each way must be paid.
8.7    The award tickets have one hundred and eighty (180) days of validity, six (6) months from the date of issue, as long as they have used a route of the ticket; otherwise its validity is of twelve (12) months, after this time the tickets expire immediately.
8.8    Award tickets are granted ''one way'' or ''round trip''.
8.9    The tickets award and/or benefit are nominative and can be assigned or transferred to third parties.
8.10    The reservation and issuing of an award ticket must occur simultaneously.
8.11    No name change is permitted on award tickets, except in fortuitous case, tested and approved by TAME.
8.12    It will be the sole responsibility of the TAME MILES member to obtain any required immigration requirements to complete a trip with an award ticket.
8.13     No change of route is permitted with an award ticket.
8.14    Date changes are possible only if available in the same class that the award ticket was redeemed, it also applies surcharges due to the date change.
8.15    The award ticket is not subject to tax credit when the rate base is ''ZERO''
8.16    TAME MILES reserves the right to withhold prizes in case of finding any irregularity in its application or use. Any violation of these terms and conditions may result in the refusal of issuing a prize and/or at the end of the member's participation in the Program, expiring immediately all miles in the account.
8.17    The prizes are nominative and have no value in money. If, for any cause or reason a prize is not -totally or partially- used at the time and form they were issued, the prize will loose all value.

9.1    Award tickets are subject to availability of space, which will be confirmed at the time of its issue.
9.2    The issuance of open award tickets, i.e., without date of departure or arrival is not permitted.
9.3    In no case the award tickets can be used on other airlines than those indicated in the ticket prize. In case of cancellation of the indicated flight on the award ticket for a fact not attributable to TAME, for safety reasons or unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, TAME will make the best effort to board the passenger on the next flight or combination of flights in order to allow the transportation to the award ticket destination. In no case the member will board in other airline for these or other reasons.
9.4    In case of award tickets with flights that include connections with plane changes, the lodging expenses in the place of connection and any other cost associated with it, will be exclusively charge and account of the passenger
9.5    Award tickets shall not be combined with other promotions, coupons, discounts or special offers; they are not valid in places where prohibited by law and are subject to the restrictions of the industry.
9.6    The granted award tickets corresponds exclusively to the net value of the fee, being responsibility and charge of the passenger the payment of any fees, taxes and/or rights that its issuing impose.
9.7    It will be sole responsibility of the member to be properly informed on all restrictions of the application and the use of the awards to the date of use
9.8    Unless expressly authorized in writing from TAME EP, the purchase, sale, exchange or transfer, in any title, of prizes and/or benefits, certificates and/or miles is absolutely prohibited. Any person caught buying, selling, exchanging or transferring awards and/or benefits, certificates and/or TAME MILES miles, may be required to pay the full associated fee of the damages caused and of the legal costs involved, all this in accordance with existing legislation.
9.9    Prizes and/or benefits, certificates and/or miles which may have been sold or bought at any title without approval of TAME EP and the people who use these awards will not be able to continue the trip or they would stop receiving the service associated to the award, except paying the full rate.

The participation of a partner in the TAME MILES Program, will end in the following cases:
10.1    If the member fails to fulfill any of the terms and conditions referred on this contract, or if the use of the TAME MILES Program or the mileage accrual is done in violation of the law or applicable regulations.
10.2    If the member, knowingly, gives any incorrect or erroneous information (including flights information), whether in the registration form or when requesting the corresponding award tickets.
10.3    If the member does not meet the conditions of the passenger transportation contract (which apply to all passengers)
10.4    If the member does an incorrect and improper use of the delivered prizes and/or benefits.
10.5    If the member has an overdue debt of which TAME EP is creditor, or there is evidence or presumptions of the participation of members in crimes committed against the airline, such as fraudulent check writing, or others.
10.6    By express request of the member, which can be done at any time, in writing.
10.7    Death of the member
10.8    If the TAME MILES Program ended for any reason.
10.9    For the sole will of TAME MILES, in any other time, giving a prior notice with 30 days in advance
10.10    In case of termination of the member's participation in the TAME MILES Program or the end of it, all accumulated miles will be cancelled and shall not be used under any circumstances, nor can be redeemed for tickets and/or money.

11.1    TAME MILES may suspend temporarily the member's rights and benefits, without loosing that capacity while maintaining the right to accumulate miles without the possibility to redeem awards or seek any personal benefit from the program, while TAME MILES don’t lift the suspension of their status as full members.
11.2    The above-mentioned is without prejudice that the member looses its capacity, in accordance with dispositions in these regulations.