• The airline will transport inside the cabin two animals on flights with equipment A330, A320, A319 and E90; and one on the flight ATR42.
  • Only dogs and cats older than 8 weeks old will embark. To travel to the United States, regulations require that animals are at least 4 months or older. Other animal species may only be transported by Tame Cargo.    
  • The service fee is $ 75 plus taxes for certain international destinations. For domestic destinations the value will be $ 20 plus tax.
  • The service fee will be collected/charged during the Tame check-in counter. Animal containers can not exceed 58cm long x 40cm wide and 23cm deep. Containers must be an approved model or allow complete closure without preventing the animal from breathing. No bags or containers that do not have ventilation will be accepted. The pet must fit comfortably in the container, without touching the edges or stand on the sides of the cage, it must be able to move inside.
  • The total weight of the container and the animal may not exceed 7 kg.

Remember that this service must be requested at least 48 hours before the trip and it is only available for flights operated by Tame. Does not apply to connections with other airlines , or interline agreements.

IMPORTANT : It is essential to carry the certificate from a veterinarian, issued 10 days before the flight, confirming that the pet has the physical conditions to travel. In other countries, health authorities could request specific documentation such as medical records or vaccination certificates, that is why we suggest you to carry this documentation.

Emotional Support Animals :

The transportation of animals in the cabin as emotional support or assistance / guide dogs for people with disabilities has no cost. It is allowed only one animal, dog or cat only, per passenger depending on the space available on each aircraft.

Conditions of the service:

  • The animal must be trained to behave properly in spaces like the airplane cabin during the course of the flight. You must use a muzzle strap and leash at all times.
  • Must be submitted to the agent in the counter, a certificate issued by a qualified mental health or licensed doctor, whose emission does not exceed 90 days
  • The passenger needs the animal as emotional or psychiatric support for air travel or for activities at his destination.
  • The passenger is under the care of the professional who signs the certificate.
  • Animals as checked baggage
  • Tame EP does not transport animals as checked baggage . Animals can only be transported as cargo.
  • For details contact the Tame Cargo  at 593-2-396-6300 ext. 20760 or 20971 .
  • To learn about regulations of the International Air Transport Association enter here: